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Anti-Same s*x Marriage: We Will Continue Putting Pressure On Nigeria To Change The Law – US


The United States government has said it will keep up pressure on Nigeria over the recently signed same s*x marriage prohibition law.

This was disclosed n a live-web chat programme US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Linda Thomas Greenfield had with journalists in African countries on Tuesday.

“We are of the view that criminalisation against anybody on the basis of their s*xual orientation and affiliation is wrong and we will continue to press Nigeria government and the legislators to change the anti-gay law,” Greenfield said.

According to the US government, there is still a ray of hope to ensure there is no violation of human rights in the implementation of the law.

“US is opposed to the legislation targeted against the gay people and we will continue to press forward to see that it is changed so that those group of people will have freedom to exercise their rights,” the US government representative said.

Speaking on US-Nigeria’s effort towards combating Boko Haram extremism, the assistance secretary said the group had been more daring in carrying out attacks against innocent people in the country, adding that the US was working closely with the Federal Government to bring an end to extremism in the country.

“There has to be a multi-faceted approach to dealing with extremism and we will continue to work with Nigeria to combat it.

“Terrorism we know affects the whole of Nigerian people and with our collaboration with Nigerian government we hope to bring an end to it in the country as we will not relent in our effort at fighting it to a finish,” Greenfield said.

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